Wisborough Green Minibus - February 2017

New Drivers/Escorts for the Wisborough Green Minibus

(We particularly need more escorts)

I should very much appreciate hearing from anyone who feels they could devote one or two mornings (or sometimes afternoons) a month to help maintain our service to those who otherwise might become progressively more isolated – the minibus can become a lifeline to some, being their only means of transport, and, in many cases I hope it is also a great source of friendship. 

If you could find the time to help, I should be very happy to hear from you, and will explain what is required.  Thank you.

Pat Farmer 
E: farmerpatricia@btinternet.com 
T: 01403 700492

WANTED – Divisional Organiser for Wisborough Green

I am standing down as Divisional Organiser and would like to hear from anyone who thinks they might like to take on this task.  The West Sussex Community Minibus Association is a registered charity for the community run by volunteers, and which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

 We provide a door-to-door service to our members, both on regular shopping trips and special outings, returning them safely directly to their homes; many of them  regard the service as an opportunity to get out, meet old friends and make new ones.  The charity relies entirely on volunteers to manage and operate the service – drivers, passenger escorts, booking staff, fleet managers, and divisional organisers.   The divisional organiser does not need to be a driver, but does need to have a few hours to spare each week to take care of the administration of the charity here in the village -  someone who has organisational skills and a sense of humour!   I would be very happy  to talk to anyone who might be interested in taking on this task – my telephone number is 700492.

 Pat Farmer