Wisborough Green Horticultural Society

Monday, 3rd April 2017 - 8pm Village Hall


Talk on Flower Arranging for entering into competitions

By Angela Hyde  

Is there anybody who does not enjoy seeing flowers and greenery attractively put together?  This should be an interesting insight into how a collection of flowers and leaves can create a pleasurable experience that lasts as long as the flowers do.

 If you have even given the merest passing thought as to how you would interpret an arrangement title do find out how this talk may help you to try it out for real.  It should be fun and creatively stimulating. 

 A lot of thought was given to the titles to make them user friendly - “Shades of green”; Twigs and Twine”; “Good enough to eat” and “Summertime” for the June Show entries.  Having ideas already?

The Spring Plant Sale is happily looming for those whose itchy green fingers are longing to get into the soil.  If you are sowing, pricking out, dividing up or finding self sown duplicates where they should not be – please pot these up to share with others. If you have a spare lollipop stick or DIY plastic labels – please pop a label in for those who may have trouble in recognising the seedlings or plants.

Date: Saturday 6th May. Time: 2pm

Place: The Little Green alias the Millennium sundial Green.

 Outing to Wakehurst Place and the Seed Bank of world fame is on Wednesday 14th June.  To book a place ring: Kate Steele 01798 813357.

 Wakehurst is part of Kew Gardens as well as National Trust.  The old house has a lovely frontage and also can be visited at most times.  At the back there is the self service eatery and garden shop.  The entry area has a cafe and a very smart, well stocked shop.  The truly wonderful Seed Bank can be seen in a new construction that keeps out the rain.  The visual displays are truly mind boggling in content and form.  You can look inside the laboratories and see the various processes for preservation of the seeds taking place and begin to appreciate the reasons for them in detail. 

 The Seed Bank is our contribution to future well being on this planet for our descendants.  Two friends from Canada told me this year, whilst we were at Wakehurst, that they had already seen a very detailed programme about it on TV back home.  They still were riveted by the whole set up and place.  Truly a place to treasure.

Just give Kate a call.  You do not need to be a member of The WGHS to come on this visit – so please come if you can and maybe bring a friend.

 We exist to enjoy gardening at whatever level we choose as individuals and to share the ups and downs of plants in our own patches or in others’ gardens. May this Spring bring gardening enjoyment in all its forms to all of us in WG.


Aija Hamilton